Fulton Prison, The Exceptionality Of Fulton Reception And Diagnostic Center

In the USA, among many renowned departments of corrections, Fulton Reception and Diagnostic Center is one that is located in Fulton city in the Callaway country, Missouri. Every correctional facility here has different sets of rules of mail, commissary, visitation, etc. To visit an inmate, you have to fill the Fulton inmate visit application form. After that, the applied visit form should be approved by the Missouri department of corrections. The application form for visiting inmates is also available online.

General rules

There are certain rules to visit the fulton prison. An adult visitor must carry a photo id proof. 13-year-old visitors and older visitors have to show their school id cards with photo and name. Under 18 years old visitors should be accompanied by an adult visitor. Before entering there, all visitors will be checked by a metal detector or handheld detector wand. Also, there are certain rules about what items can be carried by the visitors.


  • Items: No objects like gum, wallets, electronics, purses, metallic things and other things are allowed inside the prison gate. All these things must be kept in the vehicle or in the locker provided by the prison security checking section. Medication and necessary things for infants are only allowed. Only coins within a clear transparent plastic bag can be carried for the soda and juice vending machine in the inmate visiting room.
  • Attire rules: Clothing of the visitors should not be tight-fitting, transparent, or exposing. In the clothes, there should not be any racial, religious language printed, or any camouflaging attire is not allowed. Clothes made with inflammatory material, short skirts, mini dresses, wrap-around dresses, ribbed pants, skirts, or tops with slits, nets, holes are not allowed at all. Tops, blouses should cover the chest area stomach, dresses should have sleeves covering shoulders and armpits well. The visitor should wear undergarments without any metal wiring. And shoes must be worn all the time. Importantly, no headwear is permitted there except for some verified religious cause.


Other than these above mentioned permitted items and dresses, there are specified items clearly mentioned in the fulton prison website there. Before visiting there, all the inmate programs and other rules must be known for all the visitors, as these rules are strictly followed by the department of corrections.